Reaching Mastermind Group

Are you overwhelmed in your business? Stop trying to “go it alone.”

Join the Reaching Mastermind Group and more eyes and ears on your business challenges. 

One of the most common problems for business owners and managers is the backlog of things to do, combined with all the new ideas they want to accomplish, which can lead to the inability to make progress.   

Why are the Mastermind Sessions so important? 

You create the plan, but being held accountable by other members is what will get it done and keep you focused. Mastermind groups shine the light on you, they hold you accountable, brainstorm with you, give you momentum, encourage you to make better decisions, and give you the insight to help others in their journey. 

In business we usually find that we all walk a similar journey, so you may not be faced with their challenge yet, but it may be lurking in the future and you’ll already know how to tackle it. Keep in mind that each goal is just one step in your ultimate plan allowing you to move on to your personal version of what that success looks like.    

A small group of business owners or managers meet routinely to give and get advice, ideas, share experience, and be held accountable; all in a confidential environment.  

You bring to the group the challenge you are facing, the decisions you need to make, the ideas you want to brainstorm around. In other words, you bring what’s most important to you and the group helps you. Think of it as more minds create more, and better ideas and move your business to success faster.  

For you added convenience each mastermind session will be recorded so you can access it and listen again to help you even more. When we aren’t in the “hot seat” of the meeting we hear everything instead of just ourselves. Take advantage of stepping back and listening to all that you missed during the actual event. 


Look at the benefits of joining my Reaching Mastermind Group

  • Focus to make real progress in your business
  • Set strong, acheivable goals and create solid action plans, resolve issues, and make better decisions
  • Be held accountable to complete the tasks to make it happen
  • Get honest feedback, advice, and a continuous sounding board.
  • Brainstorm with other entrepreneurs for fresh ideas in all areas of your business
  • Remove the isolation you have in your current status
  •  Learn new technology, apps, etc. that other members are using in their business to drive sales, manage their business, gather leads, and make things easier. 


  • Mastermind Journal ebook: I’ve designed this book to be your central resource for taking notes from the meetings, creating action plans, mind maps, and keeping inspired and motivated.    
  • Meeting Conference Call recordings: It’s hard to remember what your fellow business owners said during your “hot seat”. For you added convenience each session will be recorded so you can access it and listen in your office. Take advantage of stepping back and listening to all that you missed during the actual event.   

Important Information: ·

  • Each Group is limited to SIX members. This allows the members to bond and work deeply on their goals and challenges in a small group environment. 
  • Reaching is for self-employed small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. 
  • I’m commited to gathering members who are dedicated to their business to the group, and are ready to grow their business to the next level. 
  • This is a 3, 6 or 12 month membership.  
  • No refunds are given.  
  • Members meet once a month for 2 hours via an intenet conference call, facilitated by small business and executive coach Janet Dockum.  
  • You will be asked to sign a confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement to protect the privacy of each member of the group.  
  • All Groups are conducted in English.   

Meeting Dates: Groups meet daily, however availability varies due to the membership headcount per meeting. 

What Does It Cost?

3 month membership is $900 

6 month membership is $1500

12 month membership is $3000, with a 15% discount if you pay in full at signup (total price $2550). 

Please understand that your credit card will be charged at registration.   
Questions? Send me an email at:   
Registration: Call me at 423-509-1864 or email me at to register and/or check current availability.  

Reaching Mastermind Group (pdf)